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Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate program in Civil Engineering leads to the Bachelor of Civil Engineering (B.C.E.) degree. Students selecting to concentrate in the area of Construction Engineering and Management enroll in the capstone CE 302 Civil Engineering Systems Management plus four specialization courses. These include the (pre)selected electives CE 301 Construction Systems and Planning and CE 590 Construction Operations Analysis plus two program electives per the list in the unified tracking sheet. These two 500-level program electives may be double-counted toward a five-year combined bachelor's and master's degree under the School of Engineering policy. Additionally, a five-year dual undergraduate degree program is offered in cooperation with the School of Architecture and Planning.


The undergraduate degree of B.C.E. in the construction concentration contains 135 credit hours, including 9 liberal studies elective courses, 9 mathematics and science courses, and 9 general engineering courses, and at least 12 major-specific technical courses. This degree has a surveying requirement and an internship requirement.


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