The Catholic University of America


Min (Max) Liu, PhD, SE, PE, LEED AP BD+C

Assistant Professor

Civil Engineering

202-319-5165 phone
202-319-6677 fax

Biography in Brief:

Dr. Liu has been with the Department of Civil Engineering as an assistant professor since Fall 2014. Prior to this appointment, he worked in the industry for a decade as a professional structural engineer with several firms across the U.S. Dr. Liu is the director of the Structural SOS (Safety, Optimization, and Sustainability) group at CUA. His research emphasizes novel analysis and optimal design of various types of structures toward enhanced resilience, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness over their life cycle. At present, Dr. Liu's group is exploring innovative solutions to cost-effective mitigation of manmade hazards (e.g., progressive collapse) and natural hazards (e.g., earthquakes, strong wind), retrofit against structural damage and gradual deterioration, and design of green buildings.

Representative Publications

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M. Liu, A. Pirmoz (2016). “Energy-based pulldown analysis for assessing the progressive collapse potential of steel frame buildings.” Engineering Structures, Elsevier, 123, pp. 372-378.

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M. Liu (2011). “Progressive collapse design of seismic steel frames using structural optimization.” Journal of Constructional Steel Research, Elsevier, 67(3), pp. 322-332. 

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