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Environmental Engineering and Water Resources

Environmental Engineering and Management is a unique graduate program designed for environmental professionals in the modern work place. The program's objective is to provide advanced education in the scientific and regulatory background, state-of-the-art engineering practice, and the social and policy implications of environmental management.

The challenging coursework addresses pressing problems in all aspects of environmental engineering: infrastructure development, restoration and maintenance; liquid and solid waste management; remediation of contaminated land and groundwater; fate and transport of pollutants in surface and groundwater; and local, state and federal environmental regulation and policy.

Technological, regulatory and policy issues are explored in depth in this program offered by the Department of Civil Engineering.CUA's traditional Environmental Engineering program continues to be available to students who do not desire to study management aspects of the environmental field.

Degrees Offered

The program leads to the Master of Science in Engineering (M.Sc.) degree for students who have engineering background or non-engineering. Ph.D.-based Doctoral Programs are also offered.

Program Course Listing

The following is a list of courses to choose use as building blocks for this particular program:

CE 591 Applied Hydrogeology and Contaminant Transport (3)
CE 592 Surface Water Quality Modeling (3)
CE 596 Water and Wastewater Engineering (3)
CE 565 Water Resources Engineering (3)
CMGT 547 Managerial Engineering Economics (3)
CE 593 Applied Hydrology (3)
CMGT 570 Project Management (3)
CE 575 Introduction to Systems Analysis (3)
CSC 576 Systems Design (3)
CE 797 Seminar in Environmental Engineering (3)

ME 536

Thermal Environmental Engineering

ME 537

Air Pollution and Control